Research activity

SUBJECT JST/RISTEX Future Earth Symposium will be held.
DATE December 18 2019 TOKYO JST Tokyo Headquarters
Result report by Tetsu Sato and panel discussion
(open to the public)

SUBJECT International Symposium and Top Innovator Workshop will be held.
DATE November 16-17 2019 TOKYO JST Tokyo Headquarters Annex 1st Floor
(International Symposium)
November 18 2019 TOKYO JST Tokyo Headquarters Annex 4th Floor
(Top Innovator Workshop)

SUBJECT The 5th Project General Meeting held.
DATE August 21 2019 TOKYO JST Tokyo Headquarters, Residential Building Meeting Room
・Report of the 19th FE committee meeting
・Progress in casual relationships group network analysis
・Progress in tools validation
・Report of mutual visit (Malawi)
・Co-implementation endeavor(Man-made Chirundu)
・Report of each case study’s site
・International seminar held(November), regarding the summarization of results

SUBJECT Overseas Survey by Motoko SHIMAGAMI and RAMPISELA, Dorotea Indonesia
(local survey)
Opinion exchange regarding the marine protected area in Gorontalo.
Interview related to mangrove cultivating activity and post-status of tsunami in 2018 in Donggala. Interviews on garbage separation, collection and operation condition at garbage bank in Makassar.
DATE July 18-19, 2019
Gorontalo, Makassar, Donggal

SUBJECT Conference participation and presentation by Tetsu SATO
2019 MARE People and the Sea Conference
Results of the TD-VULS project was presented, and the discussion on possibility of conducting TD research and gathering information was also performed.
DATE June 25-28 2019
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

SUBJECT Overseas Survey and Mutual Visit(Part 2 : Malawi)
Ical Amrisal(Indonesia)John Banana Matewere
Rusuwa Bosco, Ndawala Brighten(Malawi)
In order to promote the cross-border exchanges, we held the active discussions with innovators and stakeholders in Chembe Village at the International Discussion Forum. Developing case studies of community-based-tourism of Malawi, Chembe Village was observed, and the valuable information of its application in Indonesia was obtained.
In addition, based on the case studies of agroforestry and multi-variety cultivation conducted in Porewari, Indonesia, the active discussions were held on the ideal way of agriculture in Chambe village.
DATE June 14-23 2019
Lilongwe, Chembe Village, Liwonde

SUBJECT Overseas Survey by Tetsu SATO in Malawi
Participation and observation at Mbenji Island’s end of fishing season ceremony, support in operating the construction of “man-made Chilundu”, advanced arrangement for visit of innovators from Indonesia
DATE April 4-14 2019
Lilongwe, Chembe Village, Mbenji Island

SUBJECT The 4th Project General Meeting held
DATE March 9-10 2019 TOKYO, JST Tokyo Headquarters
March 9 Part 1: Progress of “commonization”
Tetsu SATO:Report of the 16th FE committee meeting (February 24)
Toolbox Developing Group:interim report on network analysis of casual relationships group
Hiroyuki MATSUDA:Check list for tools validity and post-analysis of PSA General discussion
March 10 Part 2: Co-production of knowledge, co-implementation of results and international network
RAMPISELA, Dorotea, Motoko SHIMAGAMI(Deputy SATO):John Banana
Matewere : Report of Indonesia visit
Tetsu SATO: Mutual visit intended for international network and regarding the building of Facebook page
RAMPISELA, Dorotea(Deputy SATO):Co-production of knowledge and endeavor on co-implementation of results in Polewali, Chembe
Takahashi TORII and Satoru NISHIMURA:Progress in co-implementation of salt production technology in Fiji, Lomawai
Report of case studies
・Koji NAKAMURA : Ifugao
・Reiko OMOTO : Polewali
・Deputy Sato:Turkey, Gorontalo
General discussion

SUBJECT Overseas Survey by Hide yuki ONISHI and Koji NAKAMURA
Philippines (local survey and advanced arrangements)
Interview by trainee from Meister, discovering the innovators, and field survey
DATE February 19-25 2019
Banaue and Batad of Province of Ifugao

SUBJECT Overseas Survey by Reiko OMOTO and RAMPISELA, Dorotea
Indonesia (regional survey and advanced arrangements)
DATE February 15-20 2019 Makassar, Polewali

SUBJECT Conference participation and presentation by Tetsu SATO
In addition to presenting the results of the TD-VULS project, we were able to discuss and collect the information on the possibility of TD research using the “leverage points” concept.
DATE February 4-10 2019 Lüneburg, Germany.

SUBJECT Overseas Survey and Mutual Visit(Part 1:Indonesia)
John Banana Matewere(Malawi), RAMPISELA, Dorotea
Motoko SHIMAGAMI, Hiroki KASAMATSU, Shinichiro KAKUMA and Tetsu SATO
We were able to make the dialogue and communicate with various stakeholders in each region. We had a great achievement through detailed tracking of the new perspectives and ideas that emerged, and analyzing the potential of the international network of innovators. In addition, the preparation of the UIH innovator visit to Malawi scheduled for the next fiscal year has made great progress.
DATE December 26 2018 – January 11 2019
Gorontalo, Polewali, Jeneberang

John Banana Matewere(left)and Agnes Lampisera(right), project member, observing the caco plantation in Indonesia, Polewali. At the back, Ical Amrisal who is planning to visit Malawi in June 6 2016.

SUBJECT The 3rd Project General Meeting held
DATE Sep 29, 2018 Fukuoka International Congress Center
・Analysis and integration, Progress in implementation
・Discovering the tools and innovators and collaborate
MEMBER Project members

SUBJECT Top Innovators Workshop held
DATE Sep 28, 2018  Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel
Presentation and discussion from innovators
MEMBER Five invited innovators and project members

SUBJECT World Social Science Forum(WSSF2018) Section held
DATE Sep 25-28, 2018 Fukuoka City
・Sep 26(Wednesday)16:30~18:30 TD-VULS Project Section
CS6-03 Issue-driven and solution-oriented co-creation of knowledge
partnering with marginalized people under poverty conditions
Five innovators such as Sudarat Sangkum (Thailand), Rampsela Dorotea (Indonesia), Bosco Rusuwa(Malawi), Brighten Ndawala(Malawi), John Banana(Malawi))participated and discussed。

・Participated in Sep 27(Thursday)16:30~18:30 ILEK Project
Section, and Mitsutaka MAKINO, Tetsu SATO and Reiko OMOTO made
the presentations.
CS1-9 Co-creation of knowledge and co-planning towards
sustainable and resilient futures

・Participated in Sep 28(Friday) 14:00~16:00 Future Earth Session,
and Tetsu SATO made the presentation.
CS4-10 Key roles of social sciences in Future Earth, a global
research initiative to support the sustainable development goals

SUBJECT Co-sponsored and participated in International Symposium “「The 3rd International symposium on “Decision Science for Future Earth” —-Transdisciplinary Science in Practice—」by JST-RISTEX Future Earch Project:「Problem solving research by collaboration with environment, disaster, health, governance and human sciences) (Representative:  Tetsukazu YAHARA)
 【Symposium Website
DATE Sep 24, 2018 Fukuoka City

SUBJECT Conference and meeting
DATE June10-11 2018 Yokohama National University 
Workshop and meeting on toolbox development and validation
MEMBER Hideyuki ONISHI, Tetsu SATO, Shion TAKEMURA, Hidetomo TAJIMA, Mitsutaka MAKINO, Hirotaka MATSUDA, Hiroyuki MATSUDA, FUKUSHIMA

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Reiko OMOTO, RAMPISELA, Dorotea 
Indonesia(local survey and meeting)
Market research on cacao products, interview at cacao plantation
DATE March 20 – 26, 2018 Makassar, Polewali

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Tetsu SATO
Thailand(study and meeting for collaborative research)
As a new case study, in the south and eastern part of Thailand, we attempted
to explore excavators of small-scale natural rubber farmers’ innovators and
translators working with small-scale farmers
DATE March 7 – 11, 2018 Ha Chai Rayong

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Hideyuki ONISHI, Koji NAKAMURA
Philippines(local survey and meeting)
Interviews with Meister trainees, excavation of innovators and field survey
DATE Feb 13-20, 2018 Batag Village and Kiangan Village, Province of Ifugao

SUBJECT Top Innovator Workshop and the 2nd General Meeting
DATE Feb 10-12 2018 Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
Tetsu SATO:Outline of workshop
Introduction of innovators
John Banana Matewere (Malawi)
Mohammed Namputu Mangwere (Malawi)
Herwin Hartawan Soekirman (Indonesia)
Kamaruddin (Indonesia)
Umar (Indonesia)
Presentations and discussions on innovation and issues
Brainstorming for visualization and scrutiny of issues in each case
Input and discussion on tools validity and problem solving and mutual exchange

Feb 12
General meeting
・Presentation of the case studies and input to the database
・Review of top innovator workshop
・Validity evaluation and improvement of tools
・Future strategies and output

MEMBER Five invited innovators and project members

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Hiroyuki MATSUDA, Tetsu SATO
Malawi (Survey of coastal area of Malawi coast and meeting)
Meeting with key members, conducting DIDLIS surveys at three survey sites, collecting tools and validity evaluation
DATE Jan 2-12 2018 Lilongwe, Salima district, Malindi, Chembe village,
Cape Maclear, Nkhotakota, Zomba

SUBJECT Oversea Survey RAMPISELA, Dorotea  
Indonesia(local survey and meeting)
Survey on local issues of water resource and constructing the stakeholders structure
DATE Dec 1-10, 2017 Polewali

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Motoko SHIMAGAMI  
Indonesia((local survey and meeting )
Local survey on the socio-economic situation of residents in the Gorontalo state and the innovators
DATE Oct 25- Nov 10, 2017 Bone Bolango Regency, Gorontalo Province and
Gorontalo City, Gorontalo Province

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Takashi TORII, Satoru NISHIMURA, Cokanasiga Apimeleki Sikoa, Tetsu SATO
Fiji(local survey and meeting)
Sharing the idea and goals with the Ministry of I-Taukei Affairs which is planning to collaborate as an inter-hierarchical translator, conducting dialogue with local innovators and translators regarding to DIDLIS and survey to acquire the new information
DATE Oct 16-22, 2017 Natalao Village and Lomawai Village

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Hiroki KASAMATSU 
Indonesia(local survey and meeting)
Exploring the changes in residents’ livelihoods due to changes in lake and coastal environments, coping with the environmental changes, utilizable local resources, and survey on local human resources that can manage them
DATE Sep 14-21, 2017 Gorontalo Province

SUBJECT Participation and presentation in conference RAMPISELA, Dorotea Tetsu SATO
International Transdisciplinarity Conference 2017 (ITD2017)
Participated in ITD2017 where the transdisciplinary researchers around the world gather, and presented our project’s results, especially the results related to the theory of transdisciplinary research. Through discussions with diverse TD researchers from around the world, I was able to widely disseminate the
significance of the project approach. By engaging discussions with various TD researchers, we were able to disseminate the significance of the project approach in a broad way.
DATE Sep 10-17, 2017 Lüneburg, Germany

SUBJECT Overseas Survey RAMPISELA, Dorotea Tetsu SATO
Indonesia(local survey and meeting)
Implementation of DIDLIS survey and meeting in Polewali region, Jeneberang Watershed
DATE Aug 15-23, 2017 Makassar, Polewali

SUBJECT Overseas Survey Tetsu SATO
Malawi(survey and meeting on Malawi lake and coastal region)
Meeting with key members, implementing DIDLIS surveys at three research sites, and discovering new innovations
DATE July 25- August 6, 2017 Lilongwe, Chembe Village, Malindi, Zomba

SUBJECT Seminar Participation and Presentation Reiko OMOTO
Slow Food Nations in Denver, Colorado
DATE July 12-19, 2017 Denver, United States of America

SUBJECT The 1st General Meeting
DATE June 4-5, 2017 Ehime University
June 4
Tetsu SATO:Research Overview and plan for the present year top innovator meeting
Hiroyuki MATSUDA:Evaluation index of the impact on management of tools resources
Hirotaka MATSUA:Evaluation index of the impact on susteinence complex of tools
Hidetomo TAJIMA, Jyuri HORI, Shion TAKEMURA, Mitsutaku MAKINO:Overview and
contents of toolbox
★TAJIMA delivered the comments on the toolbox “Sustainable development” after each presentation.
June 5
Shinichiro KAKUMA, Tetsu SATO:Sampling and application of international linkage
Case study report
Takashi TORII, Satoru NISHIMURA: Fiji
Tetsu SATO:Malawi
Hiroki KASAMATSU, Motoko SHIMAGAMI, Masayuki SAKAKIBARA:Gorontalo
Reiko OMOTO, RAMPISELA, Dorotea:Polewali
Takashi KUME:Turkey
RAMPISELA, Dorotea:Jeneberang
★ TAJIMA delivered the comments on the tool box “Sustainable development” after each presentation.
MEMBER Hideyuki ONISHI, Shigeki SASAKI Shigeki, Kazuaki TAKAHASHI (Presenter)

SUBJECT Strategic Meeting
DATE April 21-22, 2017 Yokohama National University
Strategy for building tool box
Strategy for establishing international forum
Evaluation method for effectiveness of tool resource management
Meeting with Eichi TAJIMA, representative of Tajima Labo Co.,Ltd. on contents of business consignment
MEMBER Hideyuki ONISHI, Shinichiro KAKUMA, Tetsu SATO, Shion TAKEMURA, Eichi TAJIMA, Jyuri HORI, Mitsutaka MAKINO, Hirotaka MATSUDA, Hiroyuki MATSUDA

SUBJECT Information of Transfer Tetsu SATO
DATE April 1, 2017
Today I have transferred to Ehime University, Faculty of Collaborative Regional
Innovation. In this new faculty where the transdisciplinary studies and education are set as the backbone of the faculty, we would like to develop new issue-driven, adopted trials based on the results of regional environmental knowledge projects that had been advancing at the former position (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature). Thank you all for supporting me in various aspects.