Research Contents and Planning



With the progressively accelerating economic globalization, the expansion in economic disparity and difficult life of the people living in poverty of the Asian, Africa and the least developed countries, developing countries and emerging countries of South Pacific do not show any sign of a solution. There is no guarantee that future economic growth will lead to an increase in the welfare of the people living in poverty and a narrowing of the disparity, and the further expansion is concerned. At present, 2 billion people of the world belong to the people living in poverty are living on less than $ 1.9 a day. Although the proportion of the people living read...

Aim of Research

From the case studies of seminal TD research in collaboration with socially vulnerable people which have been already conducted in various forms in developing countries of Asia and the Pacific, least developed countries in Africa, and emerging countries (Turkey), we will investigate the visualization of issues by collaboration with the people living in poverty, discovery of autonomous innovations (tools) on the social structure and industrial technology being developed in the local community and verification of its effect, and the study of collaborative mechanism between the scientists and the innovators of the emergence of these innovations, formal as well as informal systems and mechanism that can effectively support the collaborative mechanisms read...

Research Procedure

●Research Overview ①The innovators among the people living in poverty will be discovered, and the issues and autonomous innovations (tools) will be collected, ② by means of that verification of scientific and social validity, tools will be improved adaptively. ③various tools collected from each place will be integrated and “setting” known as toolbox will be created, by establishing and operating the world forum where the “Platform” of emergence of tools and utilization occurs, ④ by implementing the autonomous resource management by themselves and sustenance complex, we will implement the improvement of welfare and the sustainability of natural resources and contribute to solving the international issue of poverty reduction.   ●Outline read...