Mr. SAKAKIBARA’s project was selected for the Project of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN).

The Earth Science Feasibility Study (FS), which was conducted by Masayuki SAKAKIBARA of Ehime University, who leads Gorontalo’s case study, has been successfully passed through the review by the Project Evaluation Committee and selected for the project of Research Institute of Humanity and Nature.
The project title is “Co-creation of Sustainable Regional Innovation for Reducing Risk of High-impact Environmental Pollution”. SAKAKIBARA will be assigned to RIHN (cross-appointment with Ehime University) in June and will start pre-research (PR) at the same time. The project will be started in April 2019 and continued for five years. For the overview of the project, please see the following site.
Mr. SAKAKIBARA’s RIHN Project will be developed by applying the transdisciplinary research approach to solving the problem based on the common interests in many aspects with the TD-VULS project. In the future, the SAKAKIBARA’s project and the TD-VULS project will profoundly collaborate and we are planning to promote effective and impactable TD research. By doing so, I hope that the two projects will give even more significant results.