July 2019 「Promotion of Satoumi Study : The New Interaction between Humans and the sea 」 won the Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies (JACZS) “Publication and Cultural Award”.

“Promotion of Satoumi Studies: The New Relationship between People and the Sea” (edited by Shinichiro KAKUMA, Tetsuo YANAGI, Tetsu SATO) was published by Bensei Publishing in March 2018 which was the project outcome of March 2018. On July 19, 2019, this book won the Japanese Association for Coastal Zone Studies (JACZS) “Publication and Cultural Award”. This book has been awarded for its presentation of the requirements in creating the Satoumi in specific and diverse examples, and a concept that will be a new approach to coastal area management. These facts contribute the improvement in understanding and recoginition of the importance of coastal zone. In this book, the Japanese meaning of read…

Sep 28-29, 2018 Project General Meeting, Top Innovator Workshop hel

Posted on Sep 14, 2018. ・Sep 28(Friday)9:00~13:00 Top innovator meeting Place:Fukuoka Sunpalace Hotel (near to Fukuoka International Congress Center)4FMeeting Room No.1 http://www.f-sunpalace.com/banquet/conference-room/ ・Sep 29日(Saturday)9:00~17:00 General Meeting Place:Fukuoka International Congress Center 4F medium and small meeting rooms zone Room 403 http://www.marinemesse.or.jp/congress/facilities/facilities4.html

Sep 25-28, 2018 World Social Science Forum (WSSF2018) will be held in Fukuoka. The session of TD-VULS project and session of ILEK project will be conducted.

http://www.wssf2018.org/programme.html Apply here http://www.wssf2018.org/registration.html ・Sep 26(Wednesday)16:30~18:30  Session of TD-VULS Project CS6-03 Issue-driven and solution-oriented co-creation of knowledge partnering with marginalized people under poverty conditions http://www.wssf2018.org/session-parallel-01-list.html#a_c6 ・Sep 27(Thursday)16:30~18:30 Session of ILEK Project CS1-9 Co-creation of knowledge and co-planning towards sustainable and resilient futures http://www.wssf2018.org/session-parallel-01-list.html#a_c1 ・Sep 28(Friday) 14:00~16:00 Future Earth Session:Leena Srivastava, Amy Luers, Eduardo Brondizi, Tetsu SATO, Tetsukazu YAHARA) Schedule of the lecture (not published in the program yet) Key roles of social sciences in Future Earth, a global research initiative to support the sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Mr. SAKAKIBARA’s project was selected for the Project of Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN).

The Earth Science Feasibility Study (FS), which was conducted by Masayuki SAKAKIBARA of Ehime University, who leads Gorontalo’s case study, has been successfully passed through the review by the Project Evaluation Committee and selected for the project of Research Institute of Humanity and Nature. The project title is “Co-creation of Sustainable Regional Innovation for Reducing Risk of High-impact Environmental Pollution”. SAKAKIBARA will be assigned to RIHN (cross-appointment with Ehime University) in June and will start pre-research (PR) at the same time. The project will be started in April 2019 and continued for five years. For the overview of the project, please see the following site. http://www.chikyu.ac.jp/rihn/project/FS-2017-05.html Mr. SAKAKIBARA’s RIHN Project read…