Sep 25-28, 2018 World Social Science Forum (WSSF2018) will be held in Fukuoka. The session of TD-VULS project and session of ILEK project will be conducted.
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・Sep 26(Wednesday)16:30~18:30  Session of TD-VULS Project
CS6-03 Issue-driven and solution-oriented co-creation of knowledge partnering with marginalized people under poverty conditions
・Sep 27(Thursday)16:30~18:30 Session of ILEK Project
CS1-9 Co-creation of knowledge and co-planning towards sustainable and resilient futures
・Sep 28(Friday) 14:00~16:00 Future Earth Session:Leena Srivastava, Amy Luers, Eduardo Brondizi, Tetsu SATO, Tetsukazu YAHARA) Schedule of the lecture (not published in the program yet)
Key roles of social sciences in Future Earth, a global research initiative to support the sustainable development goals (SDGs)